Dutch Logistics Sector Invests In Digital For Its Foreign Promotion


Today we launch the The Holland Logistics Library (www.hollandlogisticslibrary.com) in the Amsterdam ArenA. With this launching event we celebrate that this comprehensive digital project for the Dutch logistics sector has come to a successful end. The project was managed by Amsterdam Soil from the early beginnings in 2015 till the launch of this innovative platform […]

4 Things Every Business Owner Needs To Know About Marketing


Often we get marketing related questions from people wanting to start their own business. This blog is written for those young entrepreneurs. Share it with your friends who are starting their own business too. When starting any kind of new business, it can be easy to get so focused on designing and developing your new […]

10 Things Every Business Owner Needs To Know About Big Data


There is a lot of data available, but the real key is to know how to handle it! How can you use it to grow your business and drive your revenue? How can you use this data to make your marketing euro’s more effective? What offer/product should you propose to who, at what time and […]

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