7 tips that help you choose your brand colours

Choosing the right colour palette will affect your identity positively, and affect the way your audience sees you. Your goal is to choose colours that have a positive impact. So, before you go ahead and choose the colours, check out these tips below to choose the right colour palette. These tips are easy and will give you what you are aiming for.

Tip 1. Take a look around. What are your competitors doing? Do you understand what your competitors are using? What is common in your industry? Then decide what you want to be: one of them, or totally different.

Tip 2. Keep it simple with 1 or 2 primary colours. Having more than 2 primary colours is too much. Your audience might get confused with too many primary colours.

Tip 3. Create a colour palette by adding secondary colours to your primary colours. Make sure they match well with your primary colours. When choosing, bare in mind how you can use those colours in the future.

Tip 4. What type of collateral are you using? And what kind will you start using in the future? Does your colour translate well to the different types of media that you will use? Are all materials available online, or will you also use printed materials? If so, think about your production budget when selecting a colour. Some colours can only be printed by a 5 or 6 colour printer, which makes them more expensive than full colour and black and white printed. Another example, if your product is very luxurious, you might want to consider the use of the colour gold in your packaging. If gold will be your main colour, make sure you know how this will translate to online materials; gold is not available as a digital colour.

Tip 5. Consider the psychology behind the colour you would like to use. More information about colours and psychology can be found online. Some of the colours and moods are listed below:

Red: passion, aggressiveness, vitality, strength
Green: freshness, health, tranquillity
White: truthfulness, purity, refined
Blue: security, dignity, faithfulness, authority
Orange: cheerfulness, fun, warmth
Black: boldness, distinctiveness, seriousness
Grey: authority, practicality, sober, corporate mentality

Tip 6. Check your colour with the visibility of your logo. If you choose light blue and your logo has thin lines, this will not work well on screen. Do not only test your coloured logo, but also the black and white version.

Tip 7. How long would you like your colour palette to last? If it is for 30 years, then choose a classic colour palette. If it is for just a few years, you can use trendy colours like the Pantone colors of the year.

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Walter van der Linde