7 tips that help you choose your brand colours


Choosing the right colour palette will affect your identity positively, and affect the way your audience sees you. Your goal is to choose colours that have a positive impact. So, before you go ahead and choose the colours, check out these tips below to choose the right colour palette. These tips are easy and will […]

Personal Branding: Matching your offline and online presence


This is article 1 in our trilogy¬†on Personal Branding. At Amsterdam Soil we build brands.¬†From scratch. Digital, social, online and offline. And more and more we receive questions from entrepreneurs with a 1 (wo)man business who need help with their marketing. Most of them are selling a service, but more than the service they are […]

4 Things Every Young Entrepreneur Needs To Know About Marketing


Often we get marketing related questions from people wanting to start their own business. This blog is written for those young entrepreneurs. Share it with your friends who are starting their own business too. When starting any kind of new business, it can be easy to get so focused on designing and developing your new […]

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