Personal Branding: Matching your offline and online presence

This is article 1 in our trilogy on Personal Branding.

At Amsterdam Soil we build brands. From scratch. Digital, social, online and offline. And more and more we receive questions from entrepreneurs with a 1 (wo)man business who need help with their marketing.
Most of them are selling a service, but more than the service they are selling themselves click this link now.  These entrepreneurs do not always understand this, but this is the case.

Simply said, we are all unique individuals, but what we sell is not unique.
We might think it is, but for the client it is not.
You will always, YES always, be compared to others, and in the end there is a reason why your client chooses you.
So when your client starts to google you -which they will do- they will find information about you.

This online image and the information they will find about you will have to match their experience with you in real life.
When you agree to this and want to learn more about how this works, contact Amsterdam Soil, we would love to work with you on creating a solid and consistent (online) brand.

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